River epoxy table

River epoxy table

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River table – a hybrid model made of solid wood and epoxy resin inserts along the entire length of the tabletop.



The river table is a solid customization model. All elements are selected and determined by the customer.

The wood massive is cut in half along its length by a stream of epoxy resin. At this stage, the width of the river, the type of wood and the method of staining are selected – mono color, translucent, mother of pearl.

Thanks to such design flexibility, the river table will adapt to any interior and task.

The river table is a contrasting model without limits. She is not tied to any style direction. Interior possibilities of the table – from classic to loft. As well as color schemes.

If you still decide to pay tribute to fashion, the river table is a great option. You have a choice – naturalness and environmental friendliness, or a mix of natural wood with polymer in any proportions.

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